Pet Surgery

Experts in Soft-Tissue Pet Surgery

At Orange City Family Animal Care, we understand that your pet’s health is a top priority, and sometimes pet surgery is necessary to ensure their well-being. Our experienced and compassionate team is skilled in various soft-tissue pet surgery procedures, including mass removals, foreign body removals, cystotomy, enucleations, and amputations when needed. We are here to provide exceptional care for your beloved companion during these critical moments.

Mass Removals

Whether it’s a suspicious lump or a bothersome cyst, we employ advanced surgical techniques to safely excise masses, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your pet’s health and comfort.

Foreign Body Removals

Dryers aren’t the only things that eat socks! Pets are naturally curious, and sometimes, their curiosity can lead to ingesting foreign objects that can become lodged in their digestive tract. Our team is skilled in removing these foreign bodies through minimally invasive procedures, ensuring a swift recovery for your pet.


A cystotomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of bladder stones. These stones can cause pain and discomfort for your pet, leading to urinary issues. Our skilled veterinarian and surgical team expertly perform cystotomies, helping your pet regain their urinary health and overall comfort.


Enucleation is the surgical removal of an eye. We perform this procedure when your pet’s eye becomes irreparably damaged or is the source of severe pain or disease. We prioritize your pet’s comfort and recovery, providing compassionate care before, during, and after the surgery.


Amputations may be recommended in cases of severe injury, chronic pain, or debilitating diseases affecting a limb. Our veterinary team understands the emotional challenges associated with amputation and is here to provide comprehensive care to ensure your pet’s mobility and comfort post-surgery.

Caring and Compassionate Pet Surgery in Orange City

Your pet’s well-being is our top priority. Our skilled veterinary surgical team has experience performing various soft-tissue pet surgeries and is committed to delivering exceptional care during each step of the process. We understand that these surgeries can be concerning for pet owners, and we are here to provide support, answer your questions, and offer the highest quality care to ensure a smooth and successful recovery for your cherished companion.

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Orange City Family Animal Care provides expert pet surgical services, including eye enucleations, amputations, and more for cats and dogs in Orange City, Maurice, LeMars, Sheldon, Paullina, Hawarden, Granville, Sioux Center, and the surrounding areas.