Pet Microchipping

A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure Your Best Friend Comes Home

Whether you have a confident adventurer or a skittish companion, despite our best efforts, sometimes our pets get away from home. Pet microchipping is a convenient and reliable method of permanent identification that increases the chances of a successful reunion if your pet becomes lost.

A Quick and Easy Procedure

The microchipping procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and can be seamlessly integrated into routine wellness and vaccination appointments. We implant the microchip in seconds beneath the pet’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades, with minimal discomfort to your pet.

How Microchipping Works to Keep Your Pet Safe

Unlike collars and tags, which can get lost or damaged, microchips are a permanent form of identification and link to your contact information, no matter where you are. Each microchip contains a unique identification number that veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and animal control officers can scan to retrieve your contact information.

If our staff microchips your pet, we will take care of the registration for you. After the registration is complete, please create an account on the HomeAgain Website. It’s crucial to keep your information current so veterinarians or animal shelters can contact you quickly.

Help Your Pet Come Home with Pet Microchipping Services

Microchipping significantly increases the chances of reuniting lost pets with their pet parents. Call to schedule a pet microchipping appointment at Orange City Family Animal Care today and rest easy knowing your pet is protected.

Orange City Family Animal Care provides quick and easy microchipping for cats and dogs in Orange City, Maurice, LeMars, Sheldon, Paullina, Hawarden, Granville, Sioux Center, and the surrounding areas.